The total fare for 3 adults and 4 children on th...

asked Jan 1 in Mathematics by alexisboateng
The total fare for 3 adults and 4 children on the Funny Car trip is $35.00.

If a child's fare is half of an adults fare, what is the adult fare?

Please add what maths you're using if u can answer this ASAP!

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3 Answers

answered Jan 1 by anonymous
it is a problem solving question


adult = 3.50x2=7

adult ticket is $7
children ticket is$3.50

answered Jan 1 by anonymous
7 because 2 children eqal 1 adult tikets so if you add them to the 3 udult tikets you will get 5 then you divide 5 by 35 andthat eqals 7
answered Jun 19 by ...

don't ask me

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