Solve this inequality: x/13+6 less than or equal...

asked Jan 11, 2017 in Mathematics by IvyZhang
Solve this inequality: x/13+6 less than or equal to 8

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1 Answer

answered Jan 11, 2017 by anonymous
\frac{x}{13} +6  \leq  8 \\ \frac{x}{13} \leq 8-6 \\ \frac{x}{13}  \leq 2 \\ x \leq 2*13 \\ x \leq 26 for this problem you would first treat the inequality sign as an quals sign (unless you divide by -1), then you cansubtract 6 from both side to allow you to now multiply both sides by 13 to isolate the x, then you simplify (i simplified after each step but this is not required as long as you remeber that when you muliply or divide it is from all of both sides(if you did not simplify it would look like ((8-6)*13) )

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