My dog, Ella, dissapeared more than 1 year ago, ...

asked Jan 20 in Spanish by wolf7fire2004
My dog, Ella, dissapeared more than 1 year ago, and my parents had just told me 3 days ago that they found her 4 days after she went missing, and that they found her under our theatre and that she had passed over. My mom said that my sweet chihuahua Ella was laying down and when my dad brought her out the day they found her she didn't have any bites on her or any sign of why she died. I just found out so I do not know why either. Does anyone have at least a guess of what could possibly have happened? Please tell me when you think of what possibly have happened. By the way, the last time we had seen her, she was perfectly happy and healthy. Thank you for your support.

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2 Answers

answered Jan 20 by anonymous
We could have just simply had a sepcial type of deasease... She may have looked perfectly fine, but her insides may not have not been working properly or something. Or maby she just got poisoned/ate something bad. Other than that, im not for sure, since she didnt have any bites or anything like that.
~Hope i helped :)
answered Jan 20 by anonymous
She was probably hiding there, and she got sick or died from starvation or thirst or something like that.

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